Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

We live in a country where medical physique enhancement is legally approved and socially acceptable.  From Hollywood celebrities and models trying to fight off Father Time, to daytime talk show hosts and weathermen getting their stomachs stapled. These kinds of cosmetic medical enhancements are commonplace, and there’s no ambiguity in the laws regarding these treatments.  However, when a doctor prescribes anabolic steroids or human growth hormone for anti-aging, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or fat loss, the law is far less clear….Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

It has gotten to the point where many doctors are hesitant (or outright refuse) to prescribe anabolic steroids or human growth hormone to a patient has a legitimate medical need for them.  Other times, doctors are scared to write prescriptions in sufficient enough dosages for these types of medications.  Frighteningly enough doctors who have written valid prescriptions that are medically necessary, have been and are still being prosecuted to this day.

There are multiple variables can come into play when a doctor or pharmacist is arrested for illegally prescribing or dispensing anabolic steroids or human growth hormone.  For example, if testosterone was prescribed, was the patient (or patients) deficient?  A good steroid criminal defense lawyer knows not only to raise that question, but also knows that there are different types of of testosterone deficiency.  There’s primary hypogonadism.  There’s secondary hypogonadism.  There’s even different scales that define the lower limit of normal testosterone levels versus subclinical levels differently.  Plus there are intangibles that go beyond the numbers, such as whether the client was (perhaps) not deficient in testosterone, but still experiencing the classical symptoms of hypogonadism.

Perhaps the best example of the wide discrepancy in our criminal justice system in the sentencing of medical professionals can be seen in Operation Which Doctor. Operation Which Doctor was the steroid-pharmacy bust that aired the dirty secrets of everyone from NFL players and professional baseball players to rappers.  Most people remember it as the “Signature Pharmacy” bust, but not everyone remembers exactly who the defendants were or what they were charged with.  Most importantly for a criminal defense lawyer representing a doctor or pharmacist facing similar charges is to know what factors come into play at sentencing in steroid cases involving medical professionals.

Among the defendants in Operation Which Doctor, the medical procedures and protocols for dispensing anabolic steroids and growth hormone varied widely between the different practices.  At some TRT clinics, customers paid a fee covering an initial consultation with a doctor and blood work.  At other TRT clinics, initial screening procedures were not utilized.  Many TRT clinics limited themselves to servicing hormone deficiency and the medical treatment of andropause, while others concerned themselves with the more “grey” area of optimizing hormone levels or “anti-aging” medicine.

For example, Maria Santi had been an anesthesiologist at a New York hospital until losing her license to practice medicine. She earned $25 writing prescriptions on a prescription pad that wasn’t hers. Still, her sentence (prison time) was lower than it might have been, as she’d plead guilty early and there were other mitigating circumstances. One of her co-defendants received an even lower sentence, and was allowed to serve it at home (home incarceration).  Still other co-defendants received much longer sentences, though all of them were charged in the same indictment and with the same crimes.

The Loomis family (who owned Signature Pharmacy, and were the primary defendants) fought the charges and saw the case dismissed – despite many of their co-defendants receiving lengthy prison sentences.

If you’re a doctor and you need a lawyer to defend these types of charges, you don’t want to be billed an hourly rate while you explain to your lawyer the difference between primary and secondary hypogonadism, or pay your lawyer to learn the difference between the esters of testosterone.  You want a criminal defense lawyer who can read an indictment and know that trenbolone is not an FDA approved drug, while oxandrolone is, and know how to defend a client regardless of which one he or she dispensed. The ideal steroid defense lawyer is going to know these things and be able to jump right into defending you vigorously, without needing to educate himself at your expense.

This is where the practice of J. Clark Baird differs from other practices.  J. Clark Baird’s experience representing medical professionals and knowledge of anabolic steroids, growth hormone, TRT and anti-aging medicine make him the ideal lawyer to represent a doctor or pharmacist in these types of cases. Illegally Prescribing Anabolic Steroids Attorney – Doctors Charged With Prescribing Human Growth Hormone (HGH)